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Seattle Rock Guy was launched on a whim in June 2009 by Seattle resident Nik Christofferson as a means of spreading the word about his musical tastes that focused heavily on the increasingly exciting local hard rock, metal, and punk scene in Seattle. The site quickly became one of the loudest voices in support of the NW music scene. In 2010, SRG expanded it's influence through the many local shows booked by Christofferson - including the recent Noise for the Needy benefit that featured Brothers of the Sonic Cloth, Sandrider, Absolute Monarchs, Deadkill, Monogamy Party, and more.

Bands we've worked with:

Helms Alee, Rabbits (PDX), VAZ (NYC), Absolute Monarchs, Throne of Bone, Warning:Danger!, Sex with Strangers, Guilty About Girls, Mico De Noche, The Cold Cold Ground, VISS, Consulate, Rad Touch, Brickbats, Black Science, Diesto (PDX), Princess, Vultures 2012, Curse of the North, My Goodness, Lozen, High Class Wreckage, Smooth Sailing, Dog Shredder, Sandrider, Grenades, Lord Dying (PDX), Ancient Warlocks, Monogamy Party, Hair Vest, White Orange (PDX), Fist Fite (PDX), Sleep Capsule,
Victory and Associates (SF/OAK), Imperial Legions of Rome, Kinski, Broken Water, Mopper, Strong Killings, Akimbo, Wilildlife, Black Queen, Whiskey Tango, What What Now, Nether Regions (PDX), Serial Hawk, Gaytheist (PDX), Brokaw, Deadkill, Haunted Horses, White Coward, Swayze, Samothrace, Noise-A-Tron, Sloths, Android Hero, Brothers of the Sonic Cloth, Wizard Rifle, Shelter Red, Survival Knife, Glose, Mahnhammer, Greenriver Thrillers, Kozo, Medula Pinata, Mass Games, Argonaut, Transient (PDX), and more...
With the launch of Good to Die Records in June of 2011, Christofferson has spent a majority of his time entrenched in the day-to-day operations of the up-start label that has released albums by Monogamy Party, Sandrider, Brokaw, Dog Shredder, Absolute Monarchs, Deadkill, Gaytheist, and Rabbits since November 2011.

In 2013, SRG hopes to reboot and once again become the go-to voice for what's happening in the NW's underground rock scene. Stay tuned for news about exciting changes, and what you can expect from SRG going forward into the new year.


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