Friday, December 31, 2010

1 LIST MANIA: Top 10 Releases and Shows of 2010 by Android Hero Bassist Eric Carnell

Eric with Android Hero | Photo by Phlash Photo

1. Bastard Noise - (/Endless Blockade split)
If you don't know who Bastard Noise is, where have you been?

2. Devo – Something for Everybody
I know this was not at all accepted by the mainstream, do not understand why, this is the best Devo album since “Freedom Of Choice”. By Far.

3. What What Now - Fingers & Toes
Just a great local album, you will be hearing more from these guys, if they don't get big heads.

4. Black Tusk – Taste the Sin
Yeah, yeah, yeah, Baroness...the shit...didn't come out in 2010, or even close...

5. Cee-lo – The Lady Killer
I know, this isn't punk, right? Wrong. What can be said about I record who's hit (that you have heard on the big three national networks) says: “Fuck You” 20 times?
That is a minor point though, because this is a great record.

6. Angry Snowmans – S/T
Yeah, I know it came out December of last year, but it is still #6, without a doubt. Early punk songs with lyrics about Christmas...Brilliant!

7. Absolute Monarchs – Demo
The only reason this isn't # 1 is because it wasn't recorded better, and/or it isn't longer. If either changes would've been made, this the best release of 2010.

8. Triclops! - Helpers On The Other Side
Took me a while to get it (10 listens), but this record is bad ass.

9. Naked Raygun – Riotfest 7” Series 1 & 2
I know these were tough to get, but damn if they aren't good!

10. Witch Mountain – South Of Salem (EP)
Not even sure if this was released, but I got it, and it rules.


1. Bastard Noise/Iron Lung at The Vera Project
If you don't know Bastard Noise, I'm sorry. You should've been there. Your loss, try back in 5 years.

2. Child Abuse at Funhouse
Can't believe I saw them. Everyone should experience Child Abuse first hand! Only negative is they didn't have an XL with the Kitten on it that said Child Abuse. This was the shit.

3. Obits/Nightmarchers at Radar Hair & Records
Old school. They pulled the door up on the loading dock and had an amazing show after hours, all of Hot Snakes, but no Hot Snakes songs...still amazing.

4. Baroness at Bumbershoot
Okay, you have no idea how bummed I am to site a Bumbershoot performance anywhere here, but it was Baroness, and they were that good. The only band I saw at that shitty festival was in fact Baroness. 125 db at that.

5. Flag Tribute at East End (PDX)
Didn't expand on other shows I saw outta town, but this one was crazy. Akimbo did one final show channeling Black Flag with help from Black Elk's Tom Glose. Much beer and many bodies flying, and great times by all. An experience that was better than the last actual Flag show I saw...

6. Peelander Z at Funhouse
What can be said, these guys always put on the best show...

7. Melvins/Totimoshi at Hell's Kitchen, Capitol Theatre
Didn't see them in Seattle or Bellingham, but the even though the sound at the new Hell's Kitchen is truly awful, this was a great show. The Capitol Theatre show was probably the best I've seen these guys in years, and I have seen them well over 150 times...

8. Black Tusk/Sin Dios at Funhouse
Honestly wasn't a fan of Zoroaster, they were alright, but Black Tusk should be seen.

9. Unsane at Funhouse
I hate having so many Funhouse shows, but let's face it, since Brian has started having more hard/metal shows, there have been a bunch of really, really good bands there. This show was crazy, Unsane in a small venue, off the hook.

10. NoMeansNo/Neutralboy at Hell's Kitchen
Actually probably the second worst time I've ever seen NoMeansNo, but even with that, they are better than 90% of the rest of the world on a good day.

Words by Eric Carnell

Note from the editor:

Eric Carnell is the bassist for one of the SRG crews favorite local bands, not to mention one of Seattle's best kept secrets, Android Hero. He is the proprietor of Independence Printage and has been in the screen printing business for years, and he also volunteers at the Vera Project teaching screen printing classes. Eric is probably my favorite music person to talk to. He's kind of like my obscure punk rock muse, always has a new band to check out or a killer story to tell.  

A sincere thanks to Eric for contributing to our end of the year coverage, a ton of killer stuff to check out on that records list. 


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  1. Love the fact he's wearing a BÖC T-shirt in that photo...



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