Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2 WATCH OR DIE! #13: The Spits - "Scary Swamp"

Let me write it again if for some reason you have not heard any of us say it on Seattle Rock Guy a million times before:

The Spits fucking rule!

Let there be no debate. Look no further than their video for the kick ass jam, "Terrorist Attack" - that's plenty of proof! If you can somehow get your greedy little hands on their classic, yet hard to find film about their 2004 tour, sell it to me!

Now, The Spits add another weapon to their arsenal of awesomeness with their new album, Haunted Fang Castle. This shit will take you back because it's a accompanied with a children's book.

It's a mother fucking LISTEN AND READ. Yes, you read that correctly. Open up the little book and follow along. When the you hear the beep, generally follows a Spits psychedelic blast to the face, then you've been cued to turn the page. The story follows four trippers: Sean the Barbarian, Lance the Wizard, Erin the Elven Archer, and Tim Tim the Robot. On Page 2, the Elven Archer drops to all fours and starts picking mushrooms. From that point, it's on!

Recently, the boys from The Spits produced a video from the album for the song "Scary Swamp," which sequentially in the story comes at Track 4. The trippers enter the scary swamp and Tim Tim, who resembles a dated 1980's video game, panics and the story launches forward. Think back, remember the buddy you once had who always panicked? The dude who wore his nerves on his sleeve? That's Tim Tim - a nutless prick. Watch the vid and see what happens.

With Haunted Fang Castle and "Scary Swamp", The Spits prove they're the baddest mother fuckers around. These guys do anything they want and do it well. The music, the vids, the book, and the attitude are all on display. Watch the video and buy the album. I mean, it's The Spits!!


  1. You have a potty mouth.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    If you didn't notice, this is a rock and roll blog. When we refer to a band like The Spits, it generally has a "Fucking" before it, the "Fucking" acting as an adjective to show their fucking greatness. If you want a blog, with say Mormon values, I suggest traveling through another part of cyber space. However, I appreciate you reading my article and posting a comment. At least I know one person read it and felt compelled to say something.

    Have a happy Disney like weekend.



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