Tuesday, January 4, 2011

3 Local Bands We Lost in 2010 (RIP)

Overall 2010 was a badass year for local rock and metal music. Now in 2011 the hype is beginning to swirl around hotly anticipated official releases on the way from some of our favorite local bands such as Smooth Sailing, My Goodness, Throne of Bone, and Grenades (just to name a few).

While we have a shit ton to look forward to in 2011, unfortunately the fact remains that after all was said and done we lost a few great bands in 2010. That’s right some of our favorite local bands did not quite make it out of 2010 alive, and it's a bummer.


Mobile Slaughter Unit: This badass Karp influenced duo called it quits right before the inaugural Your Village Sucks Fest back in May. Regrettably I never had the privilege to see them live.

The Keeper: These SRG favorites went out in a blaze of glory by packing the Comet Tavern back in September for their final show alongside Madraso, Vultures 2012, and Grenades. The band has hinted and left the door wide open for possible comeback shows though, so no telling where they might pop up. LIVE STRONG.

Madraso: After 6 years as a band and less than a month after The Keeper called it quits, Madraso guitarist/vocalist Jeremy Curles, abruptly announced he was leaving Madraso while playing what would end up being his final gig with the band at the Black Lodge opening for Eugene S. Robinson. Nothing worse than receiving a text that one of your favorite local bands just announced it was their last show and you are hundreds of miles away.

Mico De Noche: Finally I found out about Mico’s quiet demise while trying to book the band for a show back in November. Not much of a peep has been said officially but I have no choice but to take Don’s word on this one. Huge loss.

The Good News:

MSU's Rod and Violet have joined forces with The Keeper’s Andrew Chapman to form PRINCESS, certainly a bad to watch in 2011. Meanwhile The Keeper drummer Brian Graham has also found a new home behind the kit as well.

The remaining Madraso fellas Jager and Doug have vowed to continue, as the band does have a bunch of fresh material in the bag. I’m sure whatever they end up doing will be awesome, but it certainly won’t be the same.

Don Stewart of Mico De Noche has a new project, so expect to hear about it on SRG when I learn more.

Madraso's final song with Jeremy Curles at Black Lodge

The Keeper - "Tonight We Ride" (final song) at the Comet

Words by Nik Christofferson
Madraso video by Palmer Sather
The Keeper video by Jerry Howard


  1. Check me out in the paused Keeper vid. I wish I had a still of that. \m/

  2. Mico de Noche is not dead yet...unfinished recording with Tad is being worked on....have to wait and hear.

  3. That is great news! Don said it was over.



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