Tuesday, January 11, 2011

0 NW NOISE #14: Bands to Watch in 2011 (Part 2)


A new band has risen from the ashes of two other badass bands that called it quits in 2010. Princess features the ex-Mobile Slaughter Unit duo of Roddy Chops and Violet Séverine Blanchard along with ex-The Keeper front man Andrew Chapman, and Sam Wilder on bass, which is pretty much a recipe for awesome. Their sound lies somewhere between the Melvins and well… the members’ previous projects. See Princess at the Rendezvous on 2/18.


Photo by Matt Brown
Ancient Warlocks:

Just when you thought there weren’t any solid stoner rock bands in town the Ancient Warlocks showed up at the end of 2010 wielding their magic wand. Their demo certainly channels the usual suspects in Sabbath, Fu Manchu, not to mention The Obsessed, but who cares. Don't all stoner rock bands sound like Sabbath? Yes, but you won't hear any rehashed Iommi riffs with Ancient Warlocks. They are heavy as hell, groovy as fuck, and anyone who sings songs about super wizards from outer space deserve a Rainier tall can salute in my book. In a city where the stoner rock sub-genre is vastly unrepresented, they are a breath of fresh air and I can now sleep easier knowing we now have AW shows to look forward to.

Curse of the North:

It’s not often you find a band locally who right out of the gate is ready for primetime. This trio of local music scene veterans that includes ex-Kane Hodder and 3 Inches of Blood bassist Nick Cates combines thrash and classic metal with some seriously catchy hooks. On paper this should spell another shout along Mayhem Festival disaster, but they're far from it-- for one they fucking shred and two they write good songs. It may also be that they are working with Matt Bayles on their yet-to-be-released debut and sound enormous on record or the fact I can’t help screaming the “Hollowed Be Thy Name” chorus of ‘When the Wind Blows’. Catch them in small venues while you can. Jan 29th at the Josephine and again February 18th as part of the next SRG presents show.


Photo by Landry Christofferson
Throne of Bone:

One of Seattle’s brutalist metal acts, Throne of Bone, wreck faces time and time again, but it’s no secret one of the most frustrating things of last year was not having any recorded TOB to turn to on those black and dreary evenings. I mean I have run their lone 7” ragged, and the thing is about to crumble. Finally, Satan’s prayers have been answered and I will get my Throne of Bone record in 2011. Keep an ear out for “Tales of Triumph”, it will no doubt slay.

Photo by Rex Ray

Deadkill is the brainchild of Mike Stubz, the drummer for Absolute Monarchs. This punk rock project features Mike on guitar (turns out that is his main instrument) and an amazing group of friends including Ricky Way of Book of Black Earth, ex-Himsa shredder Kirby Johnson, drummer Shawn Trudeau, and crazy-eyed screamer Bryan Krieger. Deadkill is punk rock, but not that typical paint-by-numbers three chord stuff. Well, ok, there may be a few times that happens-- its fucking punk rock. Deadkill is smarter than the average punk band though, relying heavily on groovy licks, explosive crescendos, and of course the strength of its players. Stubz has written some killer songs, assembled an all-star group of musicians and I’ll bet you’ll be hearing much more about these guys throughout 2011.


Words by Nik Christofferson


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