Thursday, February 17, 2011

0 Don't Miss Portland Band DIESTO Friday at the Rendezvous

{2/18 - SRG Presents: Vultures 2012, Diesto, Princess, Curse of the North at Rendezvous, $6}

It’s no secret that tomorrow’s show at the Rendezvous was built around the only non-Seattle band on the bill, Portland, Oregon’s Diesto. While I was certainly aware of the band, I honestly didn’t get my greasy paws on their amazing 2009 release “High as the Sun” until about the time I was making my year end lists for 2010 -- so lame.

To my surprise Diesto is a highly underrated stoner metal force in the NW, which is weird because “Higher Than the Sun” just so happens to be one of the best all-around heavy records to come out of the NW in the last few years. Sufficed to say I quickly contacted the Portland behemoths and set up Friday’s show.

Diesto must be heard!

The band are currently signed to the fine Portland boutique label Seventh Rule Records, who have released records by a slew a wicked bands including; The Makai, Indian, Sweet Cobra, and Seattle’s own Akimbo. Word on the street is they may also be releasing the long awaited Sandrider record later this year as well.

Diesto incorporate an impressive bank of influences in their massive stoner metal sound. When I listen to “High as the Sun”, the first thing that comes to mind are the mighty Kyuss, but I also hear flashes of bands like YOB, Sleep, and certainly Mastodon. Those are some excellent influences, and the result is 6 sludgy tracks that build and churn and bleed into each for the better part of an hour. It’s a record that is best enjoyed with a decent pair of headphones, a head full the finest NW herb but also in its entirety. Got an hour to spare? Front to back, that’s the only way to fully engulf Diesto’s greatest recording to date.

On a cool recognition note, Decibel Magazine profiled the band in this month’s issue (the one with Chuck Schuldiner on the cover). In the article founding member Chris Dunn (vocals/guitars) talks about the bands noise rock beginnings ala Amp Rep's 90's roster, and how it wasn’t until Mark Bassett (vocals/guitars) joined the band that they honed their current sound. Check out part of the informational piece on Decibel’s site here, but you’ll have to pick up a physical copy to read the entire thing.

Friday night, Diesto will take the stage at the Rendezvous with Vultures 2012, Princess, and Curse of the North, so do yourself a favor and come down and let this NW treasure crush your face and wreck your hearing with their amplified instruments, you won’t regret it.

Stream "High as the Sun" in it's entirety below:

Words by Nik Christofferson


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