Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1 SHOW PREVIEW: Consulate and Black Science Rock Together This Sunday

Consulate at Victory Lounge | Photo by Mark Ostler

{2/27 - SRG Presents: Brickbats, Consulate, Rad Touch, Black Science at Funhouse, $5}

Back in the day, one of my favorite Seattle bands to see live was The Nemesis Theory. Any band that gets their name from a carnivorous star has got to be cool right? Hard rocking, hard screaming, awesome band. I have really fond memories of partying with The Nemesis Theory late night at their practice space after some shows.

After five years together, in October of 2007, much to my chagrin, The Nemesis Theory broke up. But from the ashes of The Nemesis Theory raised two awesome bands, Black Science and Consulate. On Sunday February 27th, these two reincarnate bands will meet upon the same bill, and a carnivorous star somewhere might just quench its appetite for rock!

Consulate is made up of three awesome musicians. Those of you familiar with local Seattle music might know Consulate's lead guitarist, Jake Weller. He's a great guy and his guitar style is proficient without being too mathy. I like watching Jake play guitar, he'll be hammering on the neck, then suddenly a finger will pop out and hit a note way down south on the fret board, and go right back to rocking.

James Gardener is the bass player / lead vocalist of Consulate, and a super talented talent. How he's able to play complex bass riffs and sing at the same time nobody knows? My head would explode. James's vocal styling’s is kind of like Lemmy, a little guttural with long verses: "Welcome to Space Mountain!"

Tim Strovas, Consulate's and The Nemesis Theory's former drummer is another talent to behold. How he's able to remember complex rhythms and hold down unusual timings is beyond me. Tim's arms are constantly moving and blurry; I think he might have super powers, like The Flash.

John Gillanders, the former lead singer of The Nemesis Theory, is now the lead singer and guitarist of Black Science. Black Science’s music is sort of dark, sort of metal, and heavy on the psych. Back when John was TNT's front man, and I remember one show in particular at The Funhouse when he walked into the crowd and eventually started flopping around on the floor. An especially noteworthy feat considering the grimy state of that punk rock club's floor.

I can't wait to see Consulate and Black Science perform together on the same night. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the four former The Nemesis Theory musicians might perform an old song together... an old fan can only hope.

Also on this badass bill are Rad Touch and Brickbats respectively.

Words by Mark Ostler


  1. DUDE! Never touch the floor of the Funhouse. NEVER!



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