Wednesday, March 16, 2011

0 HEAVY ROTATION: Rabbits - "Lower Forms" (2011)

New column idea.

I listen to a shit load of music new and old, as you may have guessed. Certain records stick to me like vecro, while others fall by the wayside quicker than you can say "mediocre". Not sure why I didn't do this before, but I decided I should be better about sharing what's actually getting play time in my life.

On the first "Heavy Rotation" is Portland band Rabbits' Relapse Records debut "Lower Forms". Now I'm sure you're thinking to yourself, "Isn't he behind the killer show on March 26th with Rabbits and VAZ and Grenades and Princess?"

Well yes, yes I am, but this is not a shameless plug for the show (those happen on Facebook and Twitter), it's more a quick overview and recommendation for a record that has been on repeat for weeks now, one that I think RULES!

"Lower Forms" is 10 tracks of unrelentingly noisy sludge deeply rooted in punk rock. The production is bleak and disturbing. The monotone vocals are shrieky and sometimes hard to swallow. If you are looking for hooks or anything resembling melody you will not find it here. What you will find are incredibly abrasive soundscapes created with distorted and simplistic riffs complemented by robust drumming. Rabbits are a very popular band in the PDX underground music scene. Since seeing them live for the first time at last year's Musicfest NW, where they shared a bill with Red Fang and Baroness, I too have been very intrigued with this Portland trio. Even more so since they released a record that sends fucking chills down my spine on every spin. "Lower Forms" is certainly a front runner for album of the year thus far in 2011.

James Burns, a writer for The Stranger's Line Out blog also thinks it's a worthy listen.

Stream "Lower Forms" below:

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