Wednesday, March 23, 2011

0 HEAVY ROTATION: Throne of Bone's "Tales of Triumph" (2011)

Seattle's own Throne of Bone recently returned home from a successful tour in support of their highly anticipated debut full length "Tales of Triumph". The band pressed their record on limited edition vinyl only, and like many forward thinking bands, have also made it available for FREE download so to spread it like a virus. A brutal blackened metal virus from right here in the emerald city. Everyone wins. Vinyl fiends get their fix and TOB's music is spread like wild fire to all the cheap ass motherfuckers without turntables scouring the net for new metal music to load on their shitty Zunes.

There is no question that "Tales of Triumph" rips, shreds, crushes, and beats to a bloody pulp any local metal release that I have heard in 2011 thus far. It has owned my turntable for last couple weeks, and has definitely earned heavy rotation status. Do yourself a favor and click the link already. It's fucking FREE!

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