Wednesday, March 2, 2011

0 SHOW PREVIEW: EARTH Record Release at Tractor Tavern

Local drone metal inventors Earth aka Dylan Carlson and friends are back with a brand new record titled “Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light: I” on Southern Lord Records. The new release sees the band again staying clear away from the seemingly endless low end monstrosity they are best known for with albums like Earth 2 and their other early 90’s releases, not that it’s much of a surprise in 2011. Earth’s history can basically be lumped into two major eras and really after Carlson’s comeback less than a decade ago, Earth of the past 5 years is a whole other band all together. Today the lumbering minimalist arrangements that Earth’s music is based around are much crisper and fine tuned. With the new collection of instrumental beauties, Earth continues down a road of sparse, much cleaner guitar arrangements. Earth of today seems more influenced by spaghetti western soundtracks and Americana, with early influences like the Melvins a distant spec on the horizon. The tie that binds the past and the present though is the always astonishing and powerful live performances to which they typically turn a chatty room into a brainwashed zombie convention with decibel levels seemingly reaching the point of no return.

Earth is celebrating the release of “Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light: I” this Thursday at the Tractor Tavern along with Mt. Eerie and Low Hums. This is a truly rare and intimate setting to see this legendary band; you may want to take the opportunity.

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On a side note: Dylan Carlson appeared at Sonic Boom in Ballard last week for a solo in-store performance to promote the new record. Fortunately for those who didn’t make the show, some wise soul had the wherewithal to record the set and share online. Download link below.

Dylan Carlson at Sonic Boom (Ballard)

Words by Nik Christofferson


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