Tuesday, April 12, 2011

0 NEW WAX: Red Fang's "Murder the Mountains" out TODAY!

It's been awhile since I intentionally left work early to speed to the nearest record store on release day. Lots of great records get released often but none have seemed to warrant the excitement of this particular piece of wax in recent times. You should have seen the giant grin on my face when I walked into my neighborhood Sonic Boom Records this afternoon, and snagged the last copy of Red Fang's "Murder the Mountains" on grey-blue, black, and white splatter vinyl from the rack. Even more so after I methodically sliced the plastic, pulled the record from its sleeve, took a big wiff, and placed the fresh wax on my turntable for the first time. For the next 42 minutes it was just me, my headphones, and Red Fang. This honestly may have been my 200th listen of the band's sophomore release and first on Relapse Records, but it easily could have been my first. Congrats to the PDX ass-kickers, its a badass record from start to finish.

On April 30th Red Fang officially celebrates the record release in Portland. I think an SRG roadtrip is in order and the mission a Red Fangover ™.

Red Fang's "Murder the Mountains" is out today. Buy that shit!

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