Wednesday, April 20, 2011

4 VIDEO: My Goodness' "I've Got a Notion"

If you haven't yet seen the sweet new video for the first single off My Goodness' self-titled debut on Sarathan Records, it is viewable below. This video for "I've Got a Notion" was shot with 21 HD cameras and was directed by Jon Meyer.

My Goodness' record is now available at your local indie record store. Go buy it!

Posted by Nik Christofferson


  1. Kick ass song! Wow, 21 HD Cameras! I'm having trouble shooting YouTube vids with just one. This video tempts me to buy more. Must. Resist.

  2. I don't even own 1 camera. I recruited people with cameras via facebook for a month prior to the shoot. They wearnt all HD, a quarter of the cameras were cheapie standard def ones. It was a lot harder getting that many tripods actually. There was no budget for this, the people showed up with their cameras because I had a keg which I got donated by Widmer just by calling them up. Took me about 5 days to edit. The whole experience was fantastic. You can see a "making of" vid on this blog somewhere.
    -Jon M.

  3. To be accurate, at least one person with a camera showed up who DIDN'T come for the free beer! That was me! But seriously, most everyone there was pro and dedicated to the art. To me the best rewarded was the private show, when the filming was done, the boys played a couple of tunes. Thats when I became a real fan.

  4. Thanks Jon, that's what I get for pulling info from a press release. Excellent work!



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