Sunday, June 12, 2011

0 SHOW PREVIEW: Forbidden at Studio Seven

When thrash was popping in San Francisco in the late 80s there seemed to be a variety of tiers that bands of genre and location resided on. Metallica seemed to stand alone on the first tier. No other band sold the # of records or played the kind of venues they could. Second tier bands like Exodus, Testament and Death Angel signed to bigger labels and sold quite a few records but they never hit the stadium level that Metallica did. And on the third tier were bands like Forbidden, a band who released a couple of amazing records, “Forbidden Evil” and “Twisted Into Form”, but never attained the same sort of success that their Bay area neighbors did. Talent wasn’t a question – the thrash crafted on those first two records was some of the best of the time. No, the culprit had more to do with timing than anything else. Metal had gone far beyond critical mass and a band called Nirvana was just on the horizon.

Since those days Forbidden has been largely dormant despite releasing a couple of records in the late 90s, “Distortion” and “Green”. Thankfully, with the resurgence of metal, those bands that didn’t get the chance they might have deserved back then are getting another opportunity today. “Omega Wave”, Forbidden’s first album in 13 years, finds the band once again creating technically challenging metal not unlike they were in the late 80. The band has always had a more melodic edge than a lot of their contemporaries and those melodies and odd time signatures are aplenty on the band’s latest record.

Performing with Forbidden will be Revocation whose record “Existence is Futile” was one of my favorite of 2009. Their new record, “Chaos of Form”, will be released on Relapse in August. Also on the bill are the Denver based thrash band Havok whose new record, “Time is Up”, sounds like it could have been released in 1986. Odd but not a bad effort!

The show is happening on Mon, June 13th at Studio Seven. Doors are at 6pm, all ages and $15 at the door!

By Roy Culver


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