Tuesday, August 9, 2011

0 CHBP 2011: Virgin rocks the Cha Cha

It's taken me awhile to warm to the local rock foursome known as Virgin despite being really impressed by their 2010 Capitol Hill Block Party performance. Not sure why other than they don't really fit with alot of what's happening in the city regarding heavy music and thus kind of fell by the SRG wayside unintentionally. Upon seeing them at this years fest, once again in the smoldering Cha Cha Lounge, it was apparent that I was slacking. A Virgin show is easily one of the best pure rock and roll experiences available in the city hands down. These dudes sound like a mixture of Thin Lizzy and Kiss, and I love 70's hard rock. They fucking rock and look to have a hell of time doing so.

Bottomline: Check out a Virgin show soon.

Actually I'm thinking a Virgin / High Class Wreckage show is in order.

Posted by Nik Christofferson


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