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0 Fungal Abyss Residency at the Comet Tavern

Fungal Abyss is the sister project of Seattle prog-doom band LESBIAN. The band has the same founding core members as LESBIAN, and according to drummer Benjamin Thomas-Kennedy "Fungal Abyss explores freely improvised psychedelic spirituality rather than tightly composed metal journeys."

For anyone who experienced the first Fungal Abyss show at the Josephine some months ago. You know exactly how mezmerizing, mind blowing, and fucking trippy the dudes in Lesbian can be outside their typical progressive death sludge sound.

This Wednesday they play the first of a four show residency at the Comet Tavern. Each Wednesday throughout August an extended Lesbian line-up featuring ex-members of The Abodox will be joined by even more special guests to create otherwordly and downright mind frying psychedelic music.

Here is the official press release with all the info.


Fungal Abyss Residency the Comet Tavern Wednesdays in August

Comet Tavern - Seattle, WA – August 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th

Bandcamp: http://fungalabyss.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: goo.gl/EzDDh

Local label Translinuistic Other will be releasing Fungal Abyss’ debut album Bardo Abgrund Temple this August on cassette. The album was recorded by Nathan Smurthwaite (the Abodox, the Marrying Type) and mastered by Mell Dettmer.

Fungal Abyss is taking up residency at the Comet Tavern the first four Wednesdays of this August. There will be shit-tons of heavy psych mind-melting surprises. Here is just a taste of what is in store:

August 3rd - Fungal Abyss (featuring guests from Diminished Men & author CC Parker on vocals)
A set by Diminished Men (Conspiracy Records)
DJ Mama Casserole between sets
Visuals by Midday Veil

August 10th - Fungal Abyss (featuring guests from the Curious Mystery and Nathan Smurthwaite)
A set by Curious Mystery (K records)
DJ and Visuals by All-seeing One Eye of Portable Shrines

August 17th - Fungal Abyss (featuring guests from the Yada Yada Blues Band)
A set by Yada Yada Blues Band (featuring 3 members of Master Musicans of Bukkake)
Ampbuzz (Chris Martin of Kinski) DJing between sets
Visuals by Christian Petersen (Dumb Eyes, Penetration)

August 24th - Fungal Abyss (featuring B.R.A.D. from Master Musicians of Bukkake on vocals and Kevin Ugarte on the Serge Modular Music System)
A set by ((Ayahuasca Travelers))
Veins DJing between sets

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