Wednesday, August 17, 2011

0 VIDEO: The Year in Stage Banter!

Banter - I love it! Antics - I love it! I always say, "MORE, MORE, MORE!"

Over the past few years, I have been fortunate enough to film some really cool bands. Sometimes leaving the camera rolling produces some pretty amusing footage. Let's break it down:

Android Hero: this Seattle trio deliver some of the most heavy entertainment in the Puget Sound. Not only does the music kill, but the sideshow banter proves comedic magic. Don't miss these guys.

Angry Snowmen: Richard hung his sock, Richard hung his sock.

The Black Lips: Took this vid down at MFNW. Anticipation ran high for the infamous Black Lips to cause some shenanigans. They behaved themselves. Ahhhhhh.

Sandrider: My favorite video and John got everyone's attention when he revealed what the song was about.

The Keeper/Princess: Andrew Chapman goes crazy. Once, I witnessed him leave the club and continue singing (shouting!) in the street to all who passed by, then returned to the stage without missing a beat. Awesome! Keep an eye out for Princess.

Grenades: Another band who cracks me up. Between songs, these dudes bust each others balls like it's their jobs. Keep up the good work. Did I mention they tear shit up? They do. Witness.

Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine: Jello still has it after all these years. His pantomines kill me and who would have guessed some football banter? Only Jello.

Rabbits: The quiet before the storm.

Sex with Strangers: The Vancouver band came down and played YOUR VILLAGE SUCKS fest amongst a plethora of metal and punk bands. They ripped it up. How much more punk can you get?

Toxic Holocaust: While everyone watched Sleep at the Roseland in Portland (I truly understand), Toxic Holocaust tore the Satyricon to pieces. I lied - this is my favorite vid.

Helms Alee: My favorite Seattle band hands down. Mind blowing. When they prepare to play, anticipation runs high, then they tear into their set causing my brain to pleasantly explode. Check it out!

Warning: Danger! - These boys thrive on antics. This beautiful debacle was their rendition of the Ides of March. The blood packets had a bit of a malfunction. Who cares? Makes great theater. Never know what to expect from these rowdy dudes. Don't believe me? Check it.

Curse of the North: Perfect - they mentioned SRG. Thanks guys!

Hope you enjoy. Next year, look for Part 2!

Video by Jerry Howard


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