Sunday, September 18, 2011

0 Musicfest NW Recap -- The Posion Idea Part 1

Butthole Surfers at the Roseland Theater
 PART I -The Poison Idea.

The journey towards the endless shit show starts at a crap pub in Federal Way. All solid shit shows launch from a pub. A couple cold ones and off. A journey to Portland must have Don "Chile" Ortega along for the ride. Once we met up, off to Dante's for a night of metal. Here, we made our first mistake - skipping dinner!

Endless shit show.

First up - Nether Regions. These guys recently played a SRG show. Man, Nether Regions is tight. Lead singer/bass player Joe Wickstrom unleashes a ferocious onslaught of intensity! Heckling this dude would prove a fucking mistake. Seriously, at any moment, he looks as if he might just kick everyone's ass in the building. I mean this as a sincere compliment. Dude possesses straight up stage presence that commands audience's attention. Not to mention, he beats the shit out of the bass while delivering stellar vocals. Lead guitarist Kyle Bates lays down some shredding solos. Nik goes on and on about his other band Sloth. I dig Nether Regions - they don't fuck around.

Next up - Witch Mountain. Time to go get a tall can of whatever and continue the endless shit show. My SRG brother hands me a giant shot of well tequila - an excellent component to an endless shit show. A bit of a wobble and grimace but the shit show goes on!

Music Fest Northwest comes with forks in the road - right or left! Which direction should the show venture? Black Cobra comes on the same time at the Butthole Surfers. A dreaded win-win situation.

Off to the Roseland.

Immediately, regret takes hold as I enter East Berlin, errrrr I mean the George H Bush airport, errrr, I mean the worst venue in Portland: the Roseland. After making my way through the Dick Chaney metal detector, I receive a bit of the ol' rubby rub from the security guard (thanks pal) and proceed to the bar where I will drink over priced beer. Up high, I witness security squashing any signs of fun by the paying patrons, so I move down stairs where I just stare and stare and stare at the trippy horror movie clips playing behind the Butthole Surfers. After an hour, Nik shakes me out of my slumber and reminds, "KYLESA!"

We sprint back to Dante's for more shit show.

Kylesa must be seen. They are a truly a band with an original vision. Words cannot capture how much I love this band. Definitely my highlight of the night.

To wrap up the night, supper must happen and comes in the form of a POISON IDEA slice from Sizzle Pie's next to b-Side. Big slabs of bacon, people. Big slabs!

Butthole Surfers trippin'!

Kylesa killing it.

More Kylesa courtesy of Don "Chile" Ortega.

by Jerry Howard
additional videos by Don 'Chili' Ortega


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