Thursday, September 22, 2011

0 Musicfest NW Recap: Roving Gangs of Illegal Street Drinkers - Part II

The bums do it. Brown baggin'. Police don't hassle those fellas. The world is one's bar. Embrace it. Belly up. Take it all in.

Brown baggin' - sounds like a plan.

Stuff those pockets full of brew and stagger with my buddies to the Ash Street Saloon for some RABBITS!

Before being enlightened by the Brown Bag, stagnation plagued the SRG crew, mainly due to my continuous insistence of more beer. "Let me finish this beer, crack another, then we will go!" I kept telling Nik, who didn't seemed bothered by the idea until my brilliant scheme revealed cracks

We missed most of Wizard Rifle.

Fortunately, we caught the last three songs of the set and these guys just made me more bummed that I missed the first bit. DAMN! I'm going to keep my eyes open for these dudes.

Let's break down the rest of the night:

DIESTO - I love this band. Just some really heavy shit. The last time I saw these guys, they killed the Rendezvous in Seattle. They killed the Ash Street Saloon tonight.

NINJA METAL ATTACK - Second year in the row we see these guys unleash their style of metal guerrilla style. Excellent.

RABBITS - This band is one of my favorites. Lower Forms still receives tons of play on my stereo, but Rabbits must be seen live - this is where they shine. The raw power and intensity of their performance leaves one breathless and wanting more. Nobody sounds like Rabbits. They truly are one of the most original, uncompromising bands out right now. Bow down to RABBITS!

After Rabbits, we bolted to catch THEE OH SEES. As we entered, security stopped us (again) and asked what we were doing.

"Going to see THEE OH SEES!" Get the fuck out of the way dude.

"THEE OH SEES from Sacramento, California?" He asked.

I had no idea where they were from. To me, they were THEE OH SEES - a rippin' punk band. Were there two THEE OH SEES? Why did he tag on their home town? Was this some sort of trick? At any rate, the starting time was off so we missed these bad ass mofos.


Back to Ash Street Saloon where we witnessed Zeke tearing it up. It had been a long time since I had last seen Zeke. They still had it.

After, the roving gang of illegal street drinkers staggered back to home base.

Rabbits played again on Saturday.

Stay tuned....

A Rabbits video you can hardly see.

A Rabbits video from Don "Chile" Ortega. 



by Jerry Howard


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