Wednesday, September 14, 2011

0 VIDEO: Brokaw live at the Comet Tavern

Seattle certainly has its share of hidden treasures in the heavy music department, but tonight I was further convinced none are more exciting than a little band called BROKAW. Wake up and smell the coffee burning Seattle, these dudes are amazing! Four long-time music accomplices, Mike Henderson, Rick Troy, Rich Medic, and Stuart Dahlquist, comprise one of the most explosive bands current making a hefty racket in Seattle's underground. Brokaw is doing something that NO ONE is doing in Seattle or the Northwest for that matter -- making modern day amplified balls out noise rock sort of like the kind made popular by the bands who inhabited labels such as Amp Rep and Alternative Tentacles in their heyday. I highly encourage you to remove your ass from your couch next time they play a show, because if you don't leave permagrinned, invigorated, and most importantly bludgeoned by their seriously intelligent and ferocious music -- there is no hope for you.

Posted by Nik Christofferson


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