Wednesday, December 21, 2011

0 LIST MANIA: Adam Noble Bass (Ladies Choice Presents)

Ladies Choice Presents main man Adam Bass chimes in with his favorite records of 2011. This Friday Adam presents a Ladies' Choice Blackout Xmas! with Skarp, Snuggle!, Android Hero, and Spacebag at the Comet. On January 21st Adam starts 2012 off with a bang with Ladies' Choice Presents: Helms Alee, Black Elk, Nether Regions, and Princess.

Top Ten Records:

Hurry Up Shotgun "S/T" - 'I can't get this shit outta my head.'

Helms Alee "Weatherhead" - 'I'm not just saying this...'

400 Blows "Sickness & Health" - 'They're back in black...leather diapers.'

Princess "The Grim Energy EP" - 'My favorite frontman in Seattle puts out the best record he's ever been part of.'

Gridlink "Orphan" - 'GRINDCORE.'

Giant Squid "Cenotes" - 'I don't even own this yet, though I know it belongs on this list.'

KEN mode "Venerable" - 'Our friends in the great white north...'

Victory & Associates "These Things Are Facts" - 'This rock grew on me more like a fungus. A fun fungus.'

Grayceon "All We Destroy" - 'Highest quality Bay Area slay ride.'

Black Cobra "Interval" - 'Two men pushing you over a cliff and laughing in yr face as they obliterate.'

Honoable Mentions: 

Retox "Ugly Animals"
Batillus "Furnace"
YOB "Atma"
Junius "Reports From the Thresholds of Death"
Fuck the Facts "Die Miserable"
Trap Them "Darker Handcraft"

2010 Late Mention: Julie Christmas "The Bad Wife"

2012 Early Distant Warning: Racebannon "Six Sik Sisters"


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