Monday, January 9, 2012

0 LIST MANIA: Eric Carnell of Android Hero

One last straggler...


01. Rabbits - "Lower Forms"
It really is as good as all the hype, get it.

02. Princess - "The Grim Energy EP"
It needs mastered no matter what Andrew sez, but it's still amazing

03. Wizard Rifle - S/T
Killer new band from Portland, strong first effort, wanna hear more!

04. Angry Snowmans - "What We Do Is Festive"
Old punk classics turned into Christmas songs!

05. The Blind Shake - "Seriousness"
For my money this one is there best yet

06. Big Crux - "Nature Cruising"
Think Minutemen/Big Boys. But new and from Seattle!

07. Obits - "Moody, Standard and Poor"
Thought it was a little weird at first, but it really, REALLY grew on me

08. Future of the Left - "Polymers Are Forever EP"
This is really more like a McKlusky record than FOTL, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing.
Now waiting for the full length in 2012...

09. 400 Blows - "Sickness and Health"
There back!!!

10. Witch Mountain - "South of Salem"
If you haven't heard Portland band's second record, you should


01. NoMeansNo @ Bumbershoot
After 32 years, 20+ original releases, thousands of shows, and literally hundreds of thousands of miles in shitty vans, NoMeansNo was asked to play Bumbershoot. I don't know how. It was weird to see them at a venue like the Exhibition Hall, and with a crowd that the majority of had never heard them before, but they destroyed. It was really cool seeing them with great sound for a change

02. Cro-Mags/Zero Boys/Crutches @ The Vera Project
It was like 1986 again at this CRAZY ASS show in September at the Vera

03. The Church @ The Triple Door
These old fuckers played three full records, one from each decade back to there beginning. I could write a book about it, it was mind blowing.

04. Archers of Loaf/Sebadoh @ Crystal Ballroom
Every bit as epic as when they were younger, and sonically just as devastating! Just as good the next night in Seattle with Constant Lovers.

05. 400 Blows/White Jazz/Lozen @ Funhouse
Unbelievable. And White Jazz's Swan Song T-Shirt is the best shirt ever, they almost sold all of them in 1 night

06. Shellac/Hellen Money @ The Vera Project
It was by far the worst time I've ever seen Shellac, Todd Trainer was really sick, they cut some songs short, didn't brutalize quite like they normally do, but with all that it still was deserving of #5 in 2011

07. Scratch Acid/Dinosaur Jr @ Crystal Ballroom
Scratch Acid is always one of the best bands on the planet. AND, I got to ask Henry Rollins if he was serious about wearing a Back Sabbath Masters of Reality t-shirt. He was too cool to respond to me. The show was great too.

08. Young Widows/My Disco/Helms Alee @ Comet Tavern
This show was fantastic, even with the power going out like 5 times on Young Widows.

09. Federation X @ Block Party
Seeing Fed X twice in 24 hours was great. The second night at Neumos was WAY better than the first, but both still awesome!

10. The Ex @ The Vera Project
Just realizing it's all nostalgia shows this year. Weird. I saw other shows, too. Oh well.
The Ex is another bunch of really old guys ripping it up. They basically invented anarcho-punk in the early 80's. Still amazing after all these years.


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