Tuesday, January 10, 2012

0 LISTEN TO: Shrouded by Veils - Parhelion (EP)

I'm not the biggest post-rock fan in the world, I appreciate the big dogs in the genre like Explosions in the Sky and Russian Circles of course but I pretty much draw the line there.

Despite my tastes there are two excellent local post-rock bands that demand your attention the first being Shrouded By Veils and the second X Suns. I want to give X Suns the credit they deserve, so I'll save them for another post down the road.

I caught Shrouded by Veils at the Into the Storm release show and I was really impressed by the trio for the most part. It was obvious that all three members possess big time chops. Musically they steer more in the prog arena than straight up post-rock, and the first band that came to mind in comparison was Porcupine Tree. A band I love.

Shrouded By Veils just put their 4 song Parhelion EP on Bandcamp for FREE download, and I highly recommend "Frogmen". Love the chunky guitar riff and their drummer is a mad man.

Keep an eye out for these dudes.


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