Friday, January 27, 2012

0 VIDEO: Gaythiest - Live at Plan B (PDX)

Two promises that will be kept if you go see Gaythiest live:

  1. You will have your face rocked off and you will enjoy it - thoroughly.
  2. Between songs, there will be antics!  You will laugh and enjoy it - thoroughly. 
Seriously, Gaythiest is a monster live.  Back in August, they tore up the 2Bit along with Consulate and Monogamy Party.  Then a couple weeks back, they pulverized Plan B in Portland along with Mongoloid Village, Brokaw, and Sandrider.  It ruled and front man/guitarist, Jason Rivera, even wore his flannel so the Seattle heads felt at home.


Fortunately at this show, I was able to film two of their new songs.  Audio at Plan B proved tough (loud as shit!), but still turned out alright.  If you have not checked Pentagrams are Super or Rainbows Have Nothing to Hide, I suggest you do that today.  Rainbows has been on steady rotation since I acquired it and made my 2011 Top 10.

Bottom line: Gaythiest rules!  They're one of SRG's favorite bands.  Check out their two new tracks at Plan B!  Enjoy!


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