Tuesday, February 21, 2012

0 REVIEW: Rabbits - "Riff, Fuck, Reap" 7"

"Shit - where did all of these beer cans come from?"
"How did that hole get there?"
"Who's that sleeping on the Guerrilla House couch?"
"Is that your blood?"
"Hey! Who didn't drink their beer?"

All good questions following a night of cranking Rabbits new 7": Riff, Raff, Fuck.  This bad boy will turn the lamest of parties into a full scale riot, like it or not.  Your guests will love it.

The first track, "Riff, Raff, Fuck", shouts:
Watch out!  Watch out!
Listen up and shut your mouth!
Rabbits now have the attention of every drunk in the room.  After, "Riff, Raff, Fuck", the ruffians will receive a sort of intermission as the remaining level headed person flips the record.

On Side 2, Rabbits pick up the tempo with some punk.  This might explain the hole in the wall.  At any rate, concluding with a cover of Poison Idea's "Think Twice" is always a good idea.

After Side 2 finishes: REPEAT!

Allow the melee to run its course.

Another solid release from Powerblaster Records.  Keep 'em comin'!


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