Thursday, February 23, 2012

0 VIDEO: White Coward: Live at Black Lodge

So I only semi-recently stumbled upon a really cool website called "Off Tempo". According to the site's about page, "Off Temp is a multi-media archive project predominantly covering music in Seattle and other music hotbeds of Northwestern Washington. The project focuses on local and touring musicians performing in alternative venues in all-ages / DIY communities."

There is quite the collection of footage spanning back to 2007. This site makes me want to do much, much more with the hours upon hours of footage taken by Jerry, Palmer, and myself over the past 3 years. We have some seriously great footage, stuff documentaries are made of.

Anyways, I booked local band White Coward for tonight's show at the Highline having only seen them in passing once. I have been very intrigued with the noisy trio ever since watching the live performances on "Off Tempo", not to mention the Monogamy Party dudes are big fans. The audio isn't spectacular but I think you get a sense of their energy, and for pete sakes the crowd is loving it.

Check out Seattle's White Coward tonight at the Highline w/ Absolute Monarchs, Strong Killings, and Swayze. Show starts at 9:30pm, White Coward play first.


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