Monday, April 2, 2012

0 4/2 - Come Drink With Me by Jake Weller

By Jake Weller

Wednesday, April 4th

Smooth Sailing are still tending to their baggywrinkles, tensing their boom vangs, and preparing for their upcoming national tour in next month.  Before they weigh anchor, The Kraken (formerly Galway Arms) in the U-district is courageously hosting them once again, with help from the cheerfully abrasive Mercy Ties and Virginia’s The Blue Letter.  It is a mystery that a bar can keep their doors open after having them blown off repeatedly during shows like this, but nevertheless, the tiny Kraken persists.  Those prone to claustrophobia may want to stay away from these cramped confines, but know that you will be missing out.  Everyone else brave enough to get cozy with their neighbor and/or new drinking buddies will be enjoying the making of a brilliant memory they can use to bore drunk kids with in twenty years (they will never understand!).

Thursday, April 5th

Seattle’s dark no wavers, Haunted Horses, kick off their spring tour with the spazzy, angular geniuses, White Coward, at the Black Lodge on Thursday.  In recent years, The Black Lodge has become the go-to venue for old fogeys to drop in on off nights and see what the kids are up to nowadays.  Nights like these remind us of our youth, and the alcohol this drives us to drink helps us forget the maturity we’ve gained since.  Sometimes waking up in a gutter can be a welcome nostalgic experience.

Friday, April 6th

A true visionary, Mitch Hedberg, once said, “If carrots got you drunk, then rabbits would be fucked up.”  Beginning on Friday night at the Josephine, Portland’s Rabbits are in town for a two-day stint, as if to show Seattlites how some unholy providence has lead to the realization of Hedberg’s nigh-apocalyptic prophesy: Rabbits are fucked up.  They are also a great live band, though unprepared audience members may find themselves returning home confused and shivering, unable to form coherent words; struggling to recover from the beating their souls just underwent.  If this should be the case this night, the rest of the bill will serve as a refreshing tonic to ease the tense joints and smile muscles.  Fellow PDXers, Gaytheist (soak in the awesomeness of that name for a second), will be showing everyone present just how much fun being a human sound pinata can be.  Sandwiching our friends from the south are local noise rock enthusiasts, Android Hero and Monogamy Party, neither of which are slouches in their own right when it comes to whipping a crowd into a grinning frenzy. [NOTE: This is SRG contributor, Jerry Howard’s birthday!!]

For those who prefer a little charity with their punk rock: The 2Bit is having a benefit for the recently, and tragically, departed Funhouse bartender, Mickey.  Go raise a glass in her honor, along with the likes of Warning: Danger!, Church of El Duce (feat. mem. of Mentors), Neutralboy, The Hollowpoints, Kids on Fire, and more.

Saturday, April 7th

Rabbits return to play the Rendezvous in Belltown on Saturday.  Joining them are local metallurgists, Hellgrammite, with “Seattle’s Premiere Unknown Supergroup,” White Jazz.  Perhaps that is an accurate description of White Jazz, but for those that have been bathing in the heavy music stream of our fair city for the last 15 years, a band featuring (current and former) members of Akimbo, Blöödhag, Patrol, and Teen Cthulhu should hardly be “unknown” to you.  Of course, it is doubtless that they have managed to slip past more than a few sets of eyes distracted by bands that have made sweatered-and-scarved Fogelberg-esque beard twee defiantly hip in this town.  To anyone who admits to having fallen into this trap, but once again craves the rock, this show could be your redemption.


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