Tuesday, April 24, 2012

0 What's Not Weak This Week

WHAT’S NOT WEAK THIS WEEK – a local show roundup
By Jake Weller

Wednesday, April 25th

Tristan Shone, the maniacal genius behind San Diego’s Author & Punisher, is bringing his one-man band of insane faceless robots to roost at The Comet Tavern Wednesday night.  As a mechanical engineer, he has skillfully created a menagerie of industrial sound machines to do his bidding while he sits behind the curtain, vocalizing and puppestrating this psychotic orchestra. It is definitely a feast for the mind, body, and ears.  And yet, as exciting as it is to have A&P in town, the big story of the night will be Golgothan Sunrise (feat. the lumberjack section of the mighty Lesbian) reuniting and spreading their laborious and beautiful doom rug over the hardwood floors to cozily swaddle the tallboy-swilling, red-eyed audience in heady lushness.  Supporting bands [A] Story of Rats and Taurus are both very noteworthy in and of themselves (and will likely be praised greatly in a future column), even if somewhat overshadowed by the bands sandwiching their sets.  An all-around amazing evening of heavy tunage is in store.

Thursday, April 26th

It always seems a little masturbatory to promote shows featuring Good To Die Records bands on the very same blog started and run by label-owner Nik Christofferson, but who could look at the lineup for this showcase and not want to rub one out?  It’s Sandrider, Dog Shredder, Brokaw, and Monogamy Party, for fuck’s sake.  Anyone that has somehow missed out on the local buzz for any of these bands is either not into the rock and roll music these days (and obviously not reading this site), or is suffering in a hospital, hooked up to some sort breathing apparatus, surrounded by family and friends who are trying in vain to tell them about these bands.  It is quite a predicament for the new venue, Barboza (underneath Neumos!), to have to look forward to utter demolition via soundquake on its very first day of operation.  Poor, poor Barboza.

***UPDATE: It looks like even the idea of rocking this hard has struck fear into the heart of Barboza, and they are unable to prepare themselves to handle it in time.  This incredible show has moved to The Highline Bar, which has the proper shielding and structural support to take such a beating.***

Saturday, April 28th

Level 25 Dark Paladin Riffmistress, Thérèse Lanz, and her trusty, stick-wielding, slay-happy sidekick, Stefani MacKichan, comprise the two halves of the dragonborn behemoth, Mares of Thrace.  Hardened by an existence spent at the wintry northern rim of the World, they thrive on culling the meek and unaware metalheads of less rugged climes and spellbinding them with such mesmerizing doom wizardry that there’s nary a die in all the land with enough sides to make a successful saving throw.  Consider this a warning—for they are making their way South, preparing to descend upon Seattle Saturday night.  As if their mere ultrasonic presence wasn’t enough of a menacing threat to the lowly mortals inhabiting this region, they come armed with their most advanced weapon yet, The Pilgrimage (Sonic Unyon Records).  The Highline Bar, sitting aloft that shining Castle on the hill, will be the last bastion and only sanctuary remaining once the fires have been set.  Into The Storm, Ninth Moon Black, and Crawlin’ will be lowering a cone of loudness over the bar to safely barricade those within, and will proudly serve as your steadfast metal militia throughout the night.


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