Wednesday, May 30, 2012

0 WATCH OR DIE #21: SRG 3rd Anniversary Show Preview

Three years, man.  Just a blur.  I vaguely recollect multiple Red Fangovers, rants about KISS, "NW Noise" zine making sessions, a "going for the authentic look" Spits $5 Cover tv shoot, a Sandrider smash upside the head, the Rendezvous bouncer having a minor fit/melt down aimed at Diesto, Rabbits day,  Lord "Fucking" Dying and their legions, Monogamy Party intensity, Don "Chile" Ortega's couch, my camera getting kicked at Toxic Holocaust, blood and vomit, Green House poison beer, Throne of Bone, Good to Die Records, and a killer band with the greatest band name of all time: Gaythiest.

Ahhhh, the memories.

After being informed of the S.R.G. Third Anniversary line up, I smiled and muttered aloud:

"Well, no shit!"

Grenades, Mico de Noche, Princess, and Smooth Sailing have been S.R.G. regulars since its genesis.  Hell, Mico played on the first show the blog cosponsored with Algerbay Records called YOUR VILLAGE SUCKS!  I shot some killer footage that I cannot find - go figure!  I shot ok footage of the band (term used loosely) who played a lap top, but cannot keep it together to film one of the raddest local bands around.

Blame alcohol.  It's convenient.   

Let's break it down.

Grenades.  Great energy and excellent live show.  These dudes always bring it.  When I first started to attend their shows, one appealing characteristic stood out: their between song banter.  Hilarious.  Looking forward to the new album.

Princess.  If walking down Pike Street, you might see a big dude with glasses shouting outside The Comet. Don't cross the street, go inside.  It's Princess front man, Andrew Chapman, up to antics.  One promise can be made at a Princess show: there will be antics!

I had the privilege of making a music video for the Princess song, "Remember to Breathe."  It combined two of my favorite things: heavy music and zombies.  Can't miss combo if I do say so myself.

Smooth Sailing.  These guys triumphantly return from their massive tour.  Holy shit, Smooth Sailing inflicted tons of miles on their van and even made it south of the border to Tijuana!


Smooth Sailing's debut album, xoxo, takes listeners on a head wrecking trip - that's a good thing!  Everyone should buy it.  Plus, they come fully equipped with a light show.  I am sure some heads still meander about the calles de Tijuana ruminating about the long gone, Smooth Sailing.

Mico de Noche.  Heavy, heavy stuff.  As previously mentioned, I dropped the ball on the footage I shot of Mico.  Fortunately, JewelThief2010 did not when he shot Mico de Noche performing at a S.R.G. show last August.  Do not miss Mico de Noche lay waste on Saturday.  It will make you smile.


by Jerry Howard


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