Wednesday, June 13, 2012


WHAT'S NOT WEAK THIS WEEK – A local show round-up
by Jake Weller

Wednesday, June 13th

Now here is something that you don’t see every day: improvised musical accompaniment to the silent horror classic “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari,” played by a number of local rock musicians who aren’t afraid to get a little weird.  For this spectacular Wednesday night spectacle, Power Skeleton’s Tobias Cron wrangled together a veritable menagerie of avant musicos who like to go by such aptly spooky monikers as Holographic Beast, Crimson Field, Gazebo of Destruction, Dire, Mossamp, and many more.  It’s Halloween in June at the Rat and Raven, y’all!  And you can bet that their tricks will be your treat.  That last sentence is less corny if read in a Vincent Price voice.  MWAHAhaha.

Thursday, June 14th

Serial Hawk’s brilliant new EP was technically available at the Red Fang/Sandrider show they kicked off almost two weeks ago, albeit in short supply.  This Thursday, there will be plenty of copies to be had, and it is doubtful that anyone who has even a passing fancy for huge, chugging riffage will be able to sit through the entire rumbling set without reaching into their pockets, counting their remaining cash, and fretting over the decision to tip the bartender as much as she deserves or to buy 12” of low-freq sonic ecstacy. PROTIP: hit the ATM.  No World (feat. Dan and Ben of Me Infecto fame), Same Sex Dictator, and The Anunnaki will be keeping shit real intense all night long, making sure you absolutely get your money’s worth.

Friday, June 15th

After what must have been a very long night of deliberation and discussion, Friday’s combination metal and burlesque show at the Columbia City Theater finally settled on a name for their theme:  Metalesque! (Presumably, Burletal! was already taken)  It is a fitting name, as both the metal and burlesque spheres of entertainment are well represented here.  Blood and Thunder, Super Happy Story Time Land, and Wah Wah Exit Wound will be donning their pasties and giving the crowd an eye-feast of sensual eroticism as a number of beautiful young women with ridiculously suggestive names razzledazzle their earholes with intense and heavy musical delights!  You know…it may be the other way around.  Either way, HOT.

Saturday, June 16th

Some of the more sensitive rockers of the Pacific Northwest may take offense to a band name like Gaytheist, but they should know that the band comes by it honestly: at least one member of the three-piece is, in fact, an atheist.  So throw off your P.C. shackles on Saturday and head out to the Sunset to have Portland’s thickest, tightest, catchiest, and most dapper slabs of manmeat put a bounce in your step and a drop in your jaw.  Along with the brain-crushing Great Falls, they will be helping the glorious Lozen give birth to a brand new 12” vinyl baby.  The name is already picked out – Para Vida – and it will surely be destined for greatness, assuming it contains even a smidgen of the qualities of its mothers’ live show.  It will be heavy, yet beautiful; strong, yet graceful; loud, yet dynamic.  It will make other babies look like useless pink worms…okay, the metaphor is losing meaning.  Suffice it to say, this is the WNWTW MOST NOT WEAK SHOW OF THE WEEK.


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