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WHAT'S NOT WEAK THIS WEEK – A local show round-up
by Jake Weller
Wednesday, June 27th

If you've been looking for an excuse to don your ironic tie-dyed under-hoodie tee and neck that dose your buddy gave you a few months ago, look no further than Ballard Ave on Wednesday night at the Tractor.  As much of a turn off as that statement may be to many of you 21st Century rockers, sometimes your dad's music ain't all that bad – as long as it's cranked and played by dudes that you just shared a frosty brew with at the last brutal metal show.  Bluesy guitarahedrons, Radio Moscow, are headlining this (admittedly) paisley evening, but the opening salvo of Antique Scream and  Ancient Warlocks will supply enough thick stoner groove to keep the most uptight metaller shaking like jello on an overhead projector until well into their hangover two days later. 

FUGAZI.  Does that get your attention?  If not, please log out of the internet and go to a mall or something.  For those of you who perked up at seeing that word, The Sunset is where you will want to be Wednesday night.   The lovely Hannah Levin (of all things sonorous and Northwesterly) has put together an amazing evening of music, charity, community, and fun, with a showing of Fugazi's 1999 performance at DV8 here in RAIN CITY (Sorry, you know June has been wetter than usual this year).  It's five measly bucks, with all proceeds going to Musicares, which is a much needed charity that helps artists with emergency medical care.  BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!  The downright Jehugazi stylings of Blood Orange Paradise will be on live display, along with the tight, sneering abrasiveness of Strong Killings.  Those bands would be an incredible bill on their own!  I just hope Hannah doesn't make them follow the Fugaz.

Thursday, June 28th  

Hey, who doesn't like grind? Well, a lot of people.  But those people haven't seen this shit.  Easily the most solidly heavy bill this week: thunderous locals Cascabel will be nursing The Comet's audience through their  hypertensive neck spasms after Portland's Transient and Denver's unfortunately-named-but-heavy-as-fuck Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire are through with them on Thursday.  While CTTTOAFF is likely a mouthful for its members to yell to curious questioners during a show (“What're you guys called?”), they strive to leave the audience far too blown away to conjure such a thought...or any thoughts at all for that matter.  Instead, they opt for the scorched earth method of live performance – leaving the listener in a smoldering heap of useless rubble.  Much like a forest fire...OH, HEY!  It all makes sense now.  Don't miss Seattle's own Spacebag opening.  They are definitely a thing that grinds.

Friday, June 29th

During their musky residence at his studio in Chicago, Steve Albini described legendary rough and tumble crusty punks, Leftover Crack, as having “a mean pong on ’em. Like being spritzed with vinegar and ammonia. Actually made my eyes water.”  This only gives further credence to the fact that THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A GOOD-SMELLING BAND THAT HAS DONE ANYTHING WORTH LISTENING TO.  Nickelback smells awesome. Just sayin'.  In fact, I'm pretty sure that the stench emanating from Neumos on Friday will be shared amongst all bands on the bill, including local metal lifers, Skarp, and the  snarky punkers in Snuggle.  Like it's a pool of refreshing cool water on a hot summer day, just hold your nose and dive right in.

Saturday, June 30th

Oh, Saturday, June 30th...the night of a thousand shows... The competition may be fierce, but The Josephine in Ballard is hosting an amazing display of the kind of ticklish vittles that make local music so vital.  Premiere psychedelic technical wizards, Wah Wah Exit Wound, featuring members of the beloved and sadly defunct bands Girth and Evangelist, will be touting their impressive noodly wares in Seattle's Best Living Room™ with the giddy, electrifying Battle Stations and noisy debutantes, Dead River.  While many folks will be across town watching elder statesmen lay it down (see the Undertow/Integrity/Harkonen preview), the energy and passion that they are seeking will be on display on 65th St. – by bands making tomorrow's memories.


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