Thursday, July 5, 2012


WHAT'S NOT WEAK THIS WEEK – A local show round-up
by Jake Weller

Thursday, July 5th  

This Thursday, The Comet Tavern is hosting a night of thunderous instrumental post-rock beauty with a collection of bands unrivaled in their ability to crescendo from sullen, glistening passages to cathartic destruction repeatedly throughout the evening.  If one were to take a black light to the floor surrounding the stage immediately following, they would assuredly find a Pollockian tapestry of gleaming white stains still drying before a grinning sea of teeth beaming from the mouths of the blissed-out audience, still flying aloft in their own imaginations and clinging to the last delay-ridden refrain.  They Rise We Die, X Suns (“Ten Suns” for the uninitiated), Piano Piano, and Glass Tunnels are likely the best of what this city has to offer in this milieu.  Bring an extra spooge rag for the guy or gal swaying next to you.

Friday, July 6th

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Just this last weekend, the freaky, groovy spazmongers in Battle Stations gave the SRG crew an intimate and explosive performance, rocking the fuck out of a closing set at a favorite little Ballard venue on a night filled with heavy show competition all around town.  Surely, the attendees of this Friday's show at the love-it-or-hate-it Jewel Box Theater at The Rendezvous in Belltown will stumble out of the room after their set and into the bar in a similar enthusiastic blather to what the Tin Hat dealt with less than a week prior.  Of course, they'll still have Bermudas and The Pharmacy as a tasty dessert to boogie the night away with afterwards.  The Rendezvous knows how to throw a birthday for itself and reinforce its viability as a venerable Seattle venue as it matures into the double digits of age.  Incidentally, any wedding vows given on that stage will be drunken, unholy, and everlasting.  Just sayin'.

Saturday, July 7th


The Anunnaki are one of those bands that play amazing shows, with amazing bands, on amazing nights, and yet, you get the feeling they still aren't getting the commendations they deserve.  Well, they're fantastic.  You should try to catch them sometime.  They're supporting the bluesy throwback hair-farming duo of Antique Scream and Portland's excellent psychonauts, Black Pussy, at the Comet this Saturday.  Make sure your lighter isn't tapped when you show up for this evening of most delectable riffs, as there will be plenty of chances to hold it aloft, or, you know, kinda sideways down the street between sets.

At last year's Total Fest in Missoula, New York City's Unstoppable Death Machines pulled a Monotonix and played half of their set atop the shoulders of the crowd – yes, even the drummer.  Whenever a band causes the crowd to spontaneously morph into a stage, you know they have something going for them.  With a solid bill that includes the raw and driving angelenos in Stab City, as well as the brothers-in-arms duo of MTNS and Monogamy Party – who evolved from a similar garage punk pastiche – The Black Lodge is in for quite a beating.  Expect sweaty gyrations, memories of swirling colors and sounds, and enough noisy exuberance to perk up your soul for weeks to come.


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