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WHAT'S NOT WEAK THIS WEEK – A local show round-up
by Jake Weller

Thursday, July 19th

If Seattle's preeminent psych-metal wizards, Lesbian, ever walked into a Locks Of Love location in earnest, the charitable organization's chairpersons would be able to be-wig all those in need and still have enough left over to require them to renege on their not-for-profit status and start shopping for private islands upon which they could retire, swathed in blankets of fine brown rock wool.  Unfortunately for the alopecian population, the abundance of hair is likely a fundamental root to Lesbian's burly brutality, which will be in full presentation on Thursday at the Funhouse. Also appearing are the respectively shorn Grenades and Smooth Sailing, who find their heavy excellence through other avenues than their coiffures without suffering in the least for it.  East Coast post-rock band, City of Ships, are the special guests for the evening, bringing with them their celestial wall of sound that would fit quite nicely somewhere between Cave In's Until Your Heart Stops and Jupiter (yes, just like Creative Eclipses, you fucking pedant).

WNWTW has occasionally mentioned the barrel of madness that is Power Skeleton – despite their relatively low Q score in town – and the reason for that is simply because they carry out many a musician's dream of not giving a flying fuck and letting it all go onstage.  The release that this revolving cast of characters invited to perform must feel while constructing a completely improvised cacophony is surely an enviable feeling to anyone who has ever lurched up to the stage night after night, cranking out the same turgid material, long after its sell-by date.  The best part is that they are quite good at it.  This Thursday's event at The Rendezvous features Mike Henderson of Brokaw on guitar, prepared to react to the wise and wistful whim of the wacky weather-vane, Tobias Cron, in whichever raucous way he sees fit.  Helping to extend this evening of kobold craziness will be the fine, thunderous roar of Crawler, along with noise projects, Balsa and Crimson Field.

Friday, July 20th

Once again, the Capitol Hill Block Party besets itself upon the grimy, artistic nexus of this Emerald City, guaranteeing a spike in traffic nightmares and grizzled hipster complaints throughout the weekend.  If you find a load of cash ablaze in your pocket, there are a few acts worth publicly drinking to.  Seeing as this site focuses on Seattle Rock, there will be a slight bias in the recommendations for Friday and Saturday.  Some of the wonderful hip hop acts – as well as the ubiquitous coma-inducing indie rock projects – will go (nearly) unmentioned, though I'm sure they'll appreciate your monetary contribution to the cause as much as anyone.

Here's what's not weak:

Nu Sensae – 4:00pm (Vera Stage)
Deadkill – 4:15pm (Neumos Stage)
Black Breath – 6:30pm (Neumos Stage)
Crypts – 7:45pm (Cha Cha Stage)
Eighteen Individual Eyes – 9:30pm (Barboza Stage)
Constant Lovers – 9:45pm (Cha Cha Stage)

As a quiet aside, don't miss Doomtree on the Main Stage at 5:15.  P.O.S. and Dessa are worth the price of admission.

Saturday, July 21st

Not weak Block Party to-dos:

Absolute Monarchs – 2:15pm (Main Stage)
Grimes – 7:30pm (Main Stage)
Sandrider – 7:30pm (Barboza Stage)
Psychic Paramount – 7:45pm (Neumos Stage)  Yeah, three good rock acts at the same time.  What gives?
Lesbian – 8:45pm (Cha Cha Stage)
Helms Alee – 9:45pm (Cha Cha Stage)


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