Wednesday, December 26, 2012

0 Jerry Howard's (SRG / Good to Die Productions) Top 20 of 2012

Quick note: I am doing twenty since I am including 7" records.  Hey, it's my list.

1. Rabbits - Bites Rites
  • Not a weak track on the album, but Side 1 is classic!  INTENSE!  Favorite jam: "Fight Right."

 2. Gaytheist - Stealth Beats
  • Can I have a tie for first place?  Favorite jam: "Condemn the Condemners."

3.  Tyvek - On Triple Beams
  • Bad ass Detroit band who will make you want to go crazy.  Caught them in Portland last year and have been hooked ever since.  Favorite jam: "Little Richard."

4. Deadkill - s/t 7" 
  • Best punk band around.  The wildness of their live show makes me happy to be alive.  Favorite jam: "Oh God Help You!"

 5. Absolute Monarchs - 1
  • Catchy, hard rocking tunes and they always deliver live.  Favorite jam: "Attack."

6. Torche Harmonicraft
  • I suck.  I missed these guys every time they rolled through town.  However, I blasted this bad boy all the time to score my pity party. What a band! Favorite jam: "Skin Moth."

7. Dog Shredder - Brass Tactics
  • This album wears me out in a good way. Favorite jam: "Battle Toads."

 8. OFF! - OFF! or s/t 
  • I just like writing OFF!  Just like I used to like writing Black Flag or Dead Kennedy's or D.R.I.  I cannot get enough of this album.  Favorite jam: "Borrow and Bomb."
9. Lozen - Para Vida
  • Always nice to throw on Lozen. Favorite jam: "WAQ."

10. Brokaw - Interiors
  • Brokaw's debut should be higher than #10.  It is one of the most under appreciated albums of the year.  It gets better every time I put it on.  It is an absolute power house.  My only complaint: I always jones to hear "Boots Randolph" after "Terms of War."  Favorite jam: "Terms of War."

11. Skelator - Agents of Power.
  •  Keeping it real.  Favorite jam: "Gates of Thorbadin."

12.  FNU Ronnies - Saddle Up LP
  • What a strange, kick ass album! Reminds of The Spits when they get weird. That's a compliment, people!  Favorite jam: "Saddle Up."
13. Rampant Decay/Kruds - 7" Split
  • Patac comes through again with another unique, old school release.  Check out this label.  Favorite jam: "Advantage - Harlot." 

 14. Dying Fetus - Reign Supreme
  • I am not a death metal fan.  Really.  Not saying anything negative about the genre, I just never ventured much into the territory, but this album caught my attention and I find myself listening to it over and over and over.  Exciting times.  Now I get to explore their old shit. YES!  Favorite jam: "Invert the Idols."

 15.  Ty Segall - Twins
  • The more I listen, the more I dig.  Favorite jam: "You're the Doctor."

 16. Hosoi Bros - Wine Witch 7"
  • These fellas from Memphis hooked me up with their 7" and it has been on steady rotation since.  Everything I want in ass kicking rock and roll.  Favorite jam: "Wine Witch."

17. Giza - Future Ruins
  • This one just came out.  Nice and trippy. Favorite jam: "Roaming Hordes."

18.  Fist Fite - The show I bootlegged
  • So I am cheating.  So what?  This is my list and my bootleg is all I have from Portland's Fist Fite.  When they release an album, I will insert into the title.  My favorite new band.

19. Whores - Ruiner
  • I do not know much about Whores other than Ruiner kicks my teeth in.  Thank you. Favorite jam: "Daddy's Money."
    20. Rabbits - Riff, Fuck, Reap
    • I wanted to book end my list with Rabbits - my favorite band who delivered big time in 2012! Favorite jam: "Riff, Fuck, Reap."


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