Friday, December 21, 2012

0 Kris Cunningham's (Survival Knife) Top Shows of 2012

Federation X:
O.K. so they don't play enough old stuff, but words can't describe how happy I am that they are playing regularly again. The three B's never disappoint live and I'm hearing word of a new record as well.
Glose- Their Dec. 14 set at the Comet was fucking KILLER! Looking forward to hearing more form these guys.

Bangs (reunion):
Sarah, Maggie and Peter got back together to play a few shows with the Hot Snakes earlier this year, and Survival Knife was lucky enough to play our first show with them here in Olympia, and believe me, they rock just as hard as they used to.

Dave Harvey and the band up and running for a handful of shows before imploding... AGAIN, but HOLY SHIT, that line up fucking smoked! New songs and a few older ones from older lineups all added up to a hell of a tight, heavy, beautiful good time.

Morgan and the Organ Donors:
See them. Drink some beers. Enjoy yourself.

C Average:
They seem to reunite for a few shows every year and then disappear again for extended periods of time leaving me depressed and wondering why my existence feels so incomplete. 2012 saw Oly graced with a few Cave Rage shows and it ruled as usual. An open letter to Brad and John... C'mon guys, yer killin' me here. More shows please!

Resident Kings:
This is a fairly newish Olympia group but all the members are Olympia veterans who have been playing in other bands for decades. It features Jim Davies (Dirty Birds) on vocals, Brian Sparhawk (Fitz of Depression) and Mike Esparza (Chief) on guitar, Tim Brown (Dirty Birds) on bass and Ryan Munguia on drums. Their sound can be described as good ol' stripped down well oiled hard hard rock. The dual guitar attack work together very well. Tim Brown is like the best bassist EVER! And Jim's vocals are very well honed, his lyrics compelling. I have had the pleasure of hearing their newly finished recording that was crafted with Jack Endino at the helm and let me tell you, if you like your rock mean and lean, all killer no filler, then check them out!

Kris plays drums in Survival Knife, the new band that also features former members of Unwound. Survival Knife just played an amazing SRG show at the Comet, and will be releasing their first recordings very soon, a 7" on Kill Rock Stars.


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