Thursday, December 13, 2012

0 SHOW PREVIEW: Gaytheist | Survival Knife | Mass Games | Glose

Word of Gaytheist's mighty prowess has been steadily spreading around town over the last year or so.  Every time they come up from Portland, they are greeted by larger and larger throngs of undulating and pulsating bodies, eager with anticipation for an arousing performance.  Their muscular and vigorous mix of heavy and catchy, punked-up rock makes for a stimulating live show – climaxing multiple times throughout the set as they thrust forth the tracks from their latest titillating release, Stealth Beats, coating the crowd in a lather of dripping sweat and glistening excitement.  Bear witness to their latest exhibition this Friday night at the Comet Tavern.  Bring protection...ear protection.

Preceding them will be a whole slew of Northwest supergroups, including Survival Knife (featuring members of Unwound), Mass Games (Absolute Monarchs, See Me River), and Glose (The Ruby Doe, Madraso).  All of them amazing and still fresh enough that they are able to share a night together for a measly $7.  With bands like these forming in this town, 2013 is going to be fucking ridiculous.

By Jake Weller


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