Friday, January 18, 2013

2 WATCH OR DIE! #28: Princess - "Boom Click Click Boom"

Good to see Princess back with a new EP, Welcome Winter. Their new video for the song makes for a solid three minutes and some change worth of entertainment. Watching archived weirdness interjected with awesome Princess rocking out footage delivers the goods. No surprise, Princess never disappoints.

However, they might mislead.

Yeah, we see the usual suspects in the band doing their smashing faces thing, but something is amiss.

Where the hell is their insane front man?

Now, don't get me wrong, the video doesn't necessarily need Andrew, but if some poor soul who has never heard of Princess attends the gig based on the video, errrrr, excuse me promo, then the probability for unintentional comedy is high. Imagine some dude, ready to bang his/her head in peace, and claims the middle front row only to see some sharply dressed fella grace the stage.

"Who the hell is that guy?" The person thinks.

Enter: music and Andrew launches himself into the unsuspecting patron, wraps his arm around homey's neck, and proceeds to thrash around.

Meanwhile, we all stand around embracing the madness, video cams in hand, filming that shit while feeling lucky about the reactions ignorant dude emanates for our filming pleasure. We're going to upload that shit and people are going to 'like' it.

While not safe for Princess novices, "Boom Click Click Boom" still is a solid vid for a solid song. WATCH OR DIE!!  Better yet, come catch Princess this Saturday, 1/19, at The Comet with Transient, Gaytheist, and Argonaut. It's another SRG blowout!


  1. Andrew was in Europe when this stuff was filmed/ put together.

  2. Get an actor to play him. What about a GAME OF DEATH approach? Andrew cut out? Animated Andrew?



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