Friday, February 8, 2013

0 NEWS: Grenades' Badmotorboater EP Release

One of our favorite bands over the last few years has been Grenades.  For those who haven't caught their energetic frenzy of a live set, or heard their split 12" with Mercy Ties, Grenades formed out of the dissolution of the comparatively button-down Kane Hodder, when three of the remaining members decided to throw caution to the wind and play the angular, heavy shit that they had to constrain to some extent until then.  They have been killing it on stage ever since, and now it's looking like we might be having a Grenades spring this year.

It's almost criminal how long their debut full-length, Heaven is Empty, has been waiting for a proper release.  The SRG family has been fortunate enough to hear this behemoth and it nearly capsized our brains.  Word on the street (and on their website) is that we are finally going to be able to purchase a physical copy or download for our very own. 

As if that wasn't enough to tide us over, they decided to make some 4-song rarities tapes!  Cassette tapes.  You crazy kids and your cassette tapes.  Anyway, if you have a cassette player or a walkman or just like collecting plastic things, these will be available at their next show in very limited supply. 

They are pretty cute, aren't they?
Here's some more details, 

If you aren't deaf and like fun, be sure to check out their next show on February 15th at the Highline, where they will be celebrating the 1st anniversary of the Seattle Passive Aggressive magazine with Norska, Samothrace, and Great Falls.  Of course, we'll probably be mentioning that show again in the near future...


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