Tuesday, September 21, 2010

0 BUMBERSHOOT 2010: Meat Puppets Bring the 90's Nostalgia

Arizona’s the Meat Puppets are now amidst their 2nd comeback in a 30 year career that has seen the band achieve skyscraper highs and deep see abyss lows. The brothers Kirkwood haven’t always gotten along and they certainly have seen their share of problems with drug addiction over the years, but since the band’s most recent resurgence which began back in 2006 with the return of Cris Kirkwood to bass duties, the Meat Puppets have again found success on the road while also releasing two solid records in 2007’s “Rise to Your Knees” and 2009’s “Sewn Together”.

In 2010, the Meat Puppets lead by massively underrated guitar player and other Kirkwood brother, Curt Kirkwood, are alternative rock cult icons. On the last day of Bumbershoot they took to the Broad Street Stage during a rather drizzly Seattle afternoon and kicked up a little dust with a nice smattering of classic Meat Puppet tunes mixed nicely with their more introspective yet recent material. The backdrop that included the mighty Space Needle was as perfect a setting as you could expect, and though the Meat Puppets only have slight ties to the Northwest due to being coralled into the grunge movement by Kurt Cobain back in the 90’s, it’s always nice to feel a little teenage megagrunge-fan nostalgia once and awhile.

Words, Photos, and Video by Nik Christofferson


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