Tuesday, September 21, 2010

0 NEW MUSIC: Jupe Jupe's "Invaders"

Say hello to Jupe Jupe, a Seattle band that for the last year have been tirelessly crafting “Invaders”, an album that will surely prove to be one of the finest local records you will hear in 2010.

Officially scheduled for release on October 5th, “Invaders” is a journey of moody melodies, throbbing beats and layers upon layers of atmospheric synths. On the surface the 12 tracks on this new LP fall into the vast arena of pop music, but throw on a pair of headphones to take a deeper gaze into the expansive world these musicians have envisioned through timely samples, otherworldly effects, and stylish guitar work and realize Jupe Jupe's sound is not so easily pigeonholed.

This collaboration between two long time friends My Young (vocals and keys) and Bryan Manzo (guitar) is years in the making, as both are veterans of the Austin and Seattle music scenes. As lifelong music connoisseurs and fans, Manzo and Young have studied in the proverbial classroom of the greats-- Queen, Eno, Bowie, Pink Floyd, The Clash, Depeche Mode, T. Rex. All of these groundbreaking artists have had a hand in molding and influencing the sounds and words so expressively present on “Invaders”.

As dense as it is danceable, the first half of “Invaders” whisks by at a rapid pace. Stand out tracks such as “Something About Love” and “Add as Friend” are pushed along by modern day fist pumping techno beats but also showcase Jupe Jupe’s affinity for and grounding in ‘70’s glam, punk rock, and new wave. Midway through, “Invaders” takes a turn into a more brooding and sinister realm. “The Grand Drape” and “The Fading Din” resonate ’60’s psychedelia and carry the second half of “Invaders”, while both building and climaxing into feverish flurries of astral sounds and textures.

Jupe Jupe is certainly a departure from the types of bands written about on SRG, but a good record is a good record, and “Invaders” is a standout local release in 2010. From start to finish, “Invaders” processes all the elements of a strong debut and is not only musically sturdy but equally as fun and rewarding for the listener.

Jupe Jupe is currently playing shows locally in Seattle, and has recruited a full time band making them now a quartet. On September 16th, they celebrated “Invaders” with a record release show at The Crocodile and play next at the Comet Tavern on October 6th.

Website: http://www.jupejupemusic.com


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