Tuesday, September 28, 2010

0 The Melvins at Hell's Kitchen. Don't Fuck With Jared Warren (Video)

Last night in Tacoma, the Melvins electrified a packed crowd at Hell’s Kitchen. That’s no easy task for a Monday night and let’s face it, this caliber of show would never have happened in Seattle on a Monday or even a weekend for that matter. The stars were aligned, the crowd was rowdy and the Melvins delivered the goods.

One such rowdy fan got the Jared Warren treatment about half through the set. Jared was not pleased by one particular guy that was not only causing a ruckus in the pit but was the lone crowd surfer who had no qualms about either kicking unsuspecting folks in the face during his ride or almost kicking Jared when he was flung onstage (a little unclear even though I was standing front row next to the skirmish). Jared warned dude to cool it verbally, shoved him back into the crowd once, and even came to the edge of the stage to give him a little love* tap on the head with the neck of his bass. It didn’t take long before Jared set down his bass and jumped into the crowd to wrangle up the moron-- backing him through the crowd, until security grabbed him and tossed his ass out the front door.


More about the Melvins shows in Seattle and Tacoma with photos and more vids to come but first here's a vid of Jared Warren taking bouncing an unruly fan into his own hands….

Words by Nik Christofferson
Video by Palmer Sather


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