Monday, September 27, 2010

1 RECORD REVIEW: Black Science - Cosmodemonic & Beyond

Editor: We like our reviews short and sweet. If we bother to put ink on a record-- BUY IT!

Black Science - Cosmodemonic & Beyond

Here's a fresh spin on the avalanche of psych and doom bands coming out of the woodwork lately. Black Science sounds like Jane's Addiction and Sleep teamed up circa 1992 and ran tape on a several day jam session fueled by mescaline and cocaine. It's brighter than doom but doesn't cross over into sissy territory. You've got low-ass, heavy riffs counterbalanced with clear vocals and flashy drums ran through the "lo-fi" machine and it sounds like a party in the sixth dimension. Dig that.

Words by Matt Abramson


  1. Christine O'Donnell wouldn't need witchcraft if she would just download Cosmodemonic & Beyond.



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