Wednesday, September 29, 2010

0 Narrows' KEXP In-Studio Now Available for Streaming

A couple weeks prior to the most recent Verellen Amp Night that featured Helms Alee, Akimbo, and local hardcore act Narrows-- which features burly ex-Botch screamer Dave Verellen and ex- These Arms Are Snakes guitarist Ryan Fredricksen among its ranks-- recorded an in-studio for “Seek and Destroy”, KEXP’s heavy music radio show that happens each and every Saturday night from 12-2am.

The in-studio was supposed to air the Saturday prior to Narrows’ turn at Verellen Amp Night, where they systematically crushed heads like grapes, but alas it was pushed back to this last Saturday night’s show because a previous Coliseum in-studio which was also booked by show mastermind Hannah Levin, was not run.

The short and skinny of this long winded blurb is the 3 song Narrows in-studio is now available to stream to your computer via You’ll probably want to rig up an epic stereo system because it would be stupid to listen to Narrows killing it through some chinsy computers speakers.

Narrows KEXP In-Studio (Windows Media Stream)
Narrows KEXP In-Studio (Real Player Stream)

(h/t Hannah Levin,

For those who could not attend Verellen Amp Night and missed Narrows or have never seen Narrows, we have some videos for you to watch as well.


Words by Nik Christofferson
Videos by Palmer Sather


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