Thursday, September 30, 2010

1 Throne of Bone are Magical People (Video)

A couple weeks ago now, Seattle metal horde Throne of Bone opened for legendary crossover thrash masters D.R.I. at El Corazon. Even while boasting a much different musical bravura than the other bands sharing the bill, Throne of Bone capitalized on the opportunity by way of  guitarist Josh Patten's brutal riffs and charismatic front man Michael Freiburger's immense stage presence. In the process thrilling quite a few unsuspecting newcomers that included a number of old-school punks and even a few really young D.R.I. fans (their parents must be cool). Needless to say, I wasn’t the only one in the room who was glowing and I was already in on the secret.

Throne of Bone encapsulates all that is enjoyable, addicting, and certainly liberating about metal. These guys are true defenders of the faith and I appreciate them for not only producing such devastating music, but also providing myself and others who feel the need to escape into a dark and whimsical place on occasion, a potent mind altering elixir of blackened thrash and first class entertainment. To quote Freiburger-- "Throne of Bone are Magical People".

Throne of Bone's set list is beginning to change a bit. It's clear the band has been writing, and the new material is strong and even more menacing. At this time you only have two choices in experiencing Throne of Bone-- see them live or purchase their lone release, a split 7" with The Guns of Barisal. I recommend the former first and you can do that on Saturday October 9th at REVERB Fest in Ballard-- Throne of Bone play alongside a slew of their metal brethren at the 2 Bit Saloon.

Throne of Bone, September 18th, 2010 at El Corazon

Words, Photo by Nik Christofferson
Videos by Palmer Sather



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