Thursday, September 23, 2010

0 Toxic Holocaust Thrash Up the Joint @ MusicFestNW (Video)

The brutal, rambunctious ass kickin', slice yo face off ear explodin', thrashin', rowdy nose smashin', turbulent cash grabbin', denim wearin', mope rock slaughterin', PBR hammerin', blast ya in the ear drum Lanegan bashin', all the beer in Portland consumin', never letting up for a minute trio Toxic Holocaust destroyed the Satyricon at MusicFest Northwest and if you missed it - TOO BAD! Hope ya enjoyed Sleep because every sweat drippin' fool inside the iconic Portland venue was a smiling, bruised up jerk face begging for more.

Words cannot describe the intensity and power of Toxic Holocaust. Check out the video and see the camera kicked into submission and the wildness Toxic spread amongst those who dared miss Sleep. Toxic Holocaust, along with Nomeansno, proved to be the giants at this year's MusicFest Northwest!!

Words, Video by Jerry Howard


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