Wednesday, October 13, 2010

1 NEW MUSIC: The Spits to Release "Haunted Fang Castle EP" in November

In a press release sent yesterday, Seattle’s own The Spits have announced that an interesting project called the "Haunted Fang Castle EP" will be released November 23rd. This is not your typical Spits release; instead its 5 tracks of insanely odd psych rock mixed with weird spoken word narrative that is actually longer than their most recent record. Acting as a companion piece to the full illustrated book of the same name, the EP narrates the trippy story of the bands adventures in a castle complete with grumpy trolls, wizards, and more. The EP will be packaged as 10” LP along with the book "Haunted Fang Castle", fully illustrated by JJ Rudisill.

On first listen it’s plenty strange, but still has a redeeming quality. Overall, it should be a pretty sweet piece of Spits wax to own-- an adventure on so many levels.

Scion is responsible for all production and distro costs and have made the tracks available FREE for preview along with a full color digital booklet.

Check out for more info as well and keep an eye out for the physical release to follow a month from now.

Words by Nik Christofferson


  1. Very interesting, thanks for the heads up Nik!



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