Tuesday, October 12, 2010

0 Night of the Wookie: Red Fang and NoMeansNo

NoMeansNo | Photo by Nik Christofferson

I told Nik not to ask. Don't ask! I'm not going! The answer is no and NO MEANS NO!


Working class stiffs don't rock and roll on weekdays. Waking in the fives traumatizes and breaks down the human spirit. Auto pilot kicks in at the sound of the alarm and the zombie stagger begins generally with a 'MEET DOWN' of some sort that delivers a malevolent thrashing of talky, talky, talk, talk. No horror director could capture the sheer terror of a mandatory A.M. meet down.

Pull that shoe out of my yin yang ya sadistic bastards! Enough is enough!

The incessant pummeling bashes one into routine. Unconsciously, the course is set and explains how I forgot I had Friday off.

WOO HOO! I win the lottery!

But there's more...

Red Fang | Photo by Nik Christofferson

Red Fang rocked an early all ages show, so it would not be a problem to catch NoMeansNo's set later.

At this moment, I am convinced it's the Night of the Wookie! Time to celebrate in a Ranier kinda way.

At El Corazon, Red Fang blistered through another impressive set. The fellas are on it! The new songs impress and the guys had a tour EP available with some of the new material on it.


The kids loved Red Fang. A few rowdy souls tried inspiring a mosh pit but to no avail. Finally, after songs of prodding, the rest of the kids let loose when Red Fang concluded with "Prehistoric Dog" and all hell broke loose.

Good job kids! Get your Red Fangover on!

Next, up to Neumos for NoMeansNo. At MusicFest Northwest, the Canadian punk grand daddies took everyone to school. The jaw dropping performance definitely made my 'Greatest Shows of all Time' list.

And this show at Neumos was better!

YES, it was better! These classic mofos cannot be stopped. All I could do was smile, gaze, and wobble.

Night of the Wookie, man. Night of the Wookie.

{Editor's Note: Jerry Howard is better known as the Wookie.}

Words and Videos by Jerry Howard
Photo by Nik Christofferson


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