Wednesday, October 6, 2010

1 Olympia's Christian Mistress at the Highline, September 26th, 2010

Real talk: I've been shitting my pants over a new local band for awhile now, and for some reason I've been plagued by major writers block every time I attempt to write about them. This post is no exception.

Christian Mistress is a dueling guitar, classic sounding metal band heavily influenced by NWOBHM bands of the early 80's-- with a secret weapon. Singer Christine Davis' mesmerizing voice currently lulls me to sleep at night and then haunts my dreams. Their debut record "Agony and Opium" has not left heavy rotation since it arrived in the mail courtesy of Olympia indie metal label 20 Buck Spin a couple months ago, and I firmly contend it is one of the finest metal releases of the year. Period.

With that said, heading out on a Sunday night to see the band kick off their first major tour at the newest hesher/vegan hangout on Capitol Hill, the Highline, was a no-brainer. After doing so, I am officially and firmly smitten, speechless, and stoked about this new promising metal act. Yes, the dueling solos are wicked and rhythms mighty but Davis' doe eyed tractor beam stare along with that unique vocal delivery, rocked my damn world.

Until I get my shit together and finally give Christian Mistress their due by completing my interview piece, here is a video of one of my favorite Christian Mistress jams, "Desert Rose" from the Highline show.

Christian Mistress - "Desert Rose" at the Highline, September 26th, 2010


Words and Photo by Nik Christofferson
Video by Palmer Sather


  1. Christian Mistress is so rad. I hope I get to see them again soon.



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