Friday, October 1, 2010

0 RECORD REVIEW: Sod Hauler / Kingdom of Magic 12' Split

Sod Hauler / Kingdom of Magic 12” Split

First off, Kingdom of Magic packs a whole lot of ass kickery into jams stretching well beyond the ten minute mark. However, they are outside our realm so we’ll have to let their local rock guys talk ‘em up. Seattle's own Sod Hauler, on the second half of this split, delivers some tracks that are sick-made rough. They sound rough in all the right ways, and the playing is rough – not amateurish rough, more like you feel sorry for these dudes’ instruments. That kind of rough. Rough like a bar brawl. Rough like roller derby. Like many other bands carrying the torch today, it ain’t nothing new but damn it sounds good when it’s done right.

Words by Matt Abramson


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