Thursday, October 7, 2010

0 REVERB 2010 Offers the Best in Local Rock and Metal This Saturday

Smooth Sailing | Photo by Nik Christofferson

The Seattle Weekly’s local-only one day music festival REVERB is this Saturday. The annual gathering in Ballard is spread amongst 10 venues (some makeshift) in the neighborhood and includes over 60 local artists and bands covering a wide variety of music genres.

It’s an extremely strong lineup this year, and on paper the Reverb schedule reads pretty much like a local all-star ballot-- an excess in badassery. The class of Reverb 2010 is rich in talent especially in the genres of rock and metal-- which if you haven't figured out by now we here at SRG pretty much only care about. That means that there are two venues specifically catering to our needs and tastes this weekend, and you better believe we will be trucking back and forth between the Sunset Tavern and 2 Bit Saloon to catch the action.

I have devised my schedule based on who I think are the most important acts for our readers to check out. Not to mention my schedule just so happens to include 10 of the crew and my favorite local bands. Period. What an excellent and potenially epic day of rocking it should be, see you out there.

More Info and Wristbands:

The Sched:

Kinski (psych/fuzz rock masters)
4:30pm - Sunset Tavern

Idle Times (garage rock bastions)
5:30pm - Sunset Tavern

Absolute Monarchs (angsty, noisy, combustive punk rock)
6:30pm - Sunset Tavern

Throne of Bone (theatric blackened thrash metal)
7:00pm – 2 Bit Saloon

My Goodness (meaty blues rock duo)
8:00pm – 2 Bit Saloon

Virgin (high energy 70's tinged hard rock)
8:30pm – Sunset Tavern

Vultures 2012 (bleak, roaring, thrashy metal)
9:00pm – 2 Bit Saloon

Dog Shredder (rip roaring progressive metal)
10:00pm – 2 Bit Saloon

He Whose Ox is Gored (synth-heavy atmospheric post-metal)
11:00pm – 2 Bit Saloon

Smooth Sailing (mathy, technical, skin blistering metal)
12:00pm – 2 Bit Saloon

Words, Photo by Nik Christofferson
Videos by Nik Christofferson and Palmer Sather


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