Tuesday, October 19, 2010

0 SHOW PREVIEW: Cemetery Urn at Studio Seven

A few years ago a movie was released called "The Proposition". Written by Nick Cave, the film is set in the untamed outback of Australia in the 1800s and tells the tale of a set of brothers who are known for committing some of the worst crimes of their time. With multiple, gruesome shots the film tells a riveting story and captures what it must have felt like living in the heat, dirt and humidity of rural, central Australia. I can't help but think of that movie when I think of Australia. I also think about "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert", another amazing movie but more about a bus load of drag queens broken down in rural Australia.

So, what exactly do these two films have to do with an upcoming death metal show by a band called Cemetery Urn? First of all, all 3 are based in Australia. Secondly...well, I don't know. Cemetery Urn have been around for about 4 years and released 2 full length releases, 2007's "Urn of Blood" and this year's "The Conquered Are Burned". Featuring members formerly from bands like Destroyer 666, Abominator and Bestial Warlust, Cemetery Urn create a genre of death metal reminiscent of Incantation, Angel Corpse and Mortician. It's fast, dark, guttural and free of break downs. In other words, it's like the last decade of popular heavy music never existed!

Cemetery Urn will be in Seattle to play an all ages show at Studio Seven on Wednesday, October 20th, with Sanguis Imperem, Helles and Phlegathon. Put on your sleeveless jean jacket, upside down cross necklace and come out to this!

Words by Roy Culver


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